Shelter for Cats, Inc.  
Rescuing stray and abandoned cats in the Winchendon Massachusetts Area

                                 A 501(c)(3) Non-Profit


Our Mission:

To take in stray, abandoned, and unwanted cats in the Winchendon area.  Provide them medical care, and place them into responsible adoptive homes. We are 100% volunteer run, no one gets a paycheck.  All donations are tax deductible.

Website Goal:

Is to educate people on issues pertaining to cats and help them find resources.  It is very important that we all do our best to responsibly care for our pets so they can enjoy a healthy, safe, and happy life.  Pet over-population is still a problem in this country.  Four million dogs and cats are euthanized every year in shelters because too many are being born, too many are being given up, and not enough are being adopted.  You can help!  Just make sure your pets are spayed/neutered, commit to them for life, and choose to save a life by adopting your next pet. 

Note from the Shelter Director:

I feel strongly that if we can prevent our furry family members from being hunted by predators, run over by cars, exposed to deadly diseases, or harmed by intolerant neighbors, then our cats will enjoy life longer without un-necessary suffering or pre-mature death.  Keeping your cats indoors is not cruel by any means.  The orange tabby seen above that is snuggled up in my husbands lap had been an outdoor “Tom” cat for many years before venturing into a feral cat trap.  We quickly found out he was tame but un-neutered.  Sadly, he tested positive for Feline Aids.  This preventable disease weakens his immune system, so living outdoors where he can contract secondary illnesses that might take his life, is not in his best interest.  He is now enjoying all the benefits of an indoor life along with many other special needs cats.              

                                    Sarah Fearing                                     
                                            Shelter Director




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